Photographer, eventually

My name is J.J. Garcia and Yes, I am a photographer. Based in Antwerpen (Belgium) but originally from Spain, I’ve been making photographs most of my life and I have a deep passion for photography that I would like to share with you, Why?

I try to think that in every person's life, sooner or later, there is always a time when you stop for a moment what you are doing and you start listening to a different language intimately. You are the owner of your reality but also the owner of your blurry dreams.

Here I'll use a DSLR camera or an SLR one, 35mm or 6x6 film B&W film, for sure a different language. A language not requiring words, just time.

I wish you enjoy it as I do.


[2021] 6th Ed. Biennial Fine Art & Documentary Photography FotoNostrum Gallery :: September 2021 / Barcelona (Spain). (B&W Series :: Abstract)

[2020] Beveren Embraces Mongolia O.C. Boerenpoort, Melsele (B&W Series :: Open Theme :: Group)


[2021] - The WorldWide Photography Gala Awards - First PRIZE

  • 16th Pollux Awars :: FotoNostrum :: Series, Category Abstract B&W :: 'Missing You'

    NHCC Intl. contest in B&W photography class by Prof. Will Agar

  • Conceptual, B&W Photography :: Sequence Photography Series 'Missing You'

  • [2020] - MONOVISIONS B&W PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Honorable Mention

  • Series, Category Photojournalism
  • Single, Category Street Photography
  • Single, Category Street Photography
  • Single, Category Portrait Photography
  • Single, Category Fine Art Photography
  • Single, Category Abstract Photography

  • [2020] - MONOCHROME PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS - Honorable Mention

  • Single, Category Street Photography
  • Single, Category Portrait Photography

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