Project: Sony TC-377 (I)

I’m trying to bring back to life an old Sony TC-377 S/N 70621 from the late 70’s, most probably I’ll spend more money than the one I’ve spent in the unit itself, time, effort, maybe it’s a non-sense but I try to think that non-sense it’s what’s life about, maybe I’m wrong, maybe not 😉

Stuff (ATM 21.09.2018):

  • Sony TC377 TC 377 Pause Lever Control Knob
  • Caig Labs DeoxIT D100L and G100L tubes 2 Part Contact Cleaner and Protector
  • SONY TC-377 Reel-to-Reel Belt Kit
  • MG Chemicals Rubber Renue Compound Renew and Rejuvinate Rubber
  • LUBRIPLATE 105 MOTOR ASSEMBLY GREASE 10oz/284gram Plastic tub
  • CAIG DeoxIT Faderlube F5S-H6 Precision Fader Lubricant Spray
  • Singer Sewing Machine Super Oil
  • 2x 1.5 Meter – RCA Audio Cable Pair – Mogami 2964 Cable & Amphenol ACPR plugs
  • Motivation & big lack of common sense

I’ll do my best guys