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I’m sick of it, and I’m not the only one. Who’s paying the lifestyle of this band of crapules?

The sooner, the better. No more lies and manipulation. No more undercover fascism and supremacist from politicians living from the citizen’s salaries/wages. No more countries in Europe hosting criminals.

No confusion, just real facts behind Catalan Nationalism:

Project: Sony TC-377 (I)

I’m trying to bring back to life an old Sony TC-377 S/N 70621 from the late 70’s, most probably I’ll spend more money than the one I’ve spent in the unit itself, time, effort, maybe it’s a non-sense but I try to think that non-sense it’s what’s life about, maybe I’m wrong, maybe not 😉

Stuff (ATM 21.09.2018):

  • Sony TC377 TC 377 Pause Lever Control Knob
  • Caig Labs DeoxIT D100L and G100L tubes 2 Part Contact Cleaner and Protector
  • SONY TC-377 Reel-to-Reel Belt Kit
  • MG Chemicals Rubber Renue Compound Renew and Rejuvinate Rubber
  • LUBRIPLATE 105 MOTOR ASSEMBLY GREASE 10oz/284gram Plastic tub
  • CAIG DeoxIT Faderlube F5S-H6 Precision Fader Lubricant Spray
  • Singer Sewing Machine Super Oil
  • 2x 1.5 Meter – RCA Audio Cable Pair – Mogami 2964 Cable & Amphenol ACPR plugs
  • Motivation & big lack of common sense

I’ll do my best guys